MLB Expansion Won't Happen For A While, But When It Does, Rob Manfred Likes Montreal And Mexico City

MLB has plenty of shit to get together before it starts thinking about expansion, and commissioner Rob Manfred acknowledges that. The collective bargaining agreement expires this winter, so that’s foremost. The stadium situations in Oakland and St. Pete are dire. But once all that’s out of the way, it’s time for more…

We're Sam Miller And Ben Lindbergh, The Authors Of The Only Rule Is It Has To Work. Let's Chat!

We’re joined in the comments by Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus and Ben Lindbergh of ESPN, authors of the fantastic new book The Only Rule Is It Has To Work. (You can read an excerpt here.) The idea here is simple—the two sabermetrically-inclined writers were given control of baseball operations for the Sonoma…


Argentine Soccer Coach Mimics Eating Banana In Racist Gesture Aimed At Brazilian Fans

We’re used to seeing soccer players and fans act despicably, but it’s pretty rare for a coach to jump into the fray of depressingly common shitheadery. Defying this trend is Juan Carlos Gambandé, the goalkeepers’ coach at Argentina’s Racing Club, being a racist asshole at the expense of some Brazilian fans.