Tomorrow’s Spider-Man Comic Undoes One of Marvel’s Stupidest Mistakes

Eight years ago, in a Marvel Universe far, far away, Spider-Man was married. Then Marvel editorial had him make a deal with the devil—a villain called Mephisto—and he wasn’t a husband anymore, like it had never happened. It was stupid. People hated it. This week, Marvel’s teasing fans with the a world where that… » 6/02/15 7:16pm Yesterday 7:16pm

How Much Is FIFA Like The Godfather? ESPN And ABC Count The Ways

Josh Margolin with ABC News is reporting today that Sepp Blatter is a target of the federal investigation unveiled last week, which included the indictment of 14 international soccer leaders and businessmen. Those charges included some old-school classics familiar to anyone to who loves a good organized-crime yarn:… » 6/02/15 5:38pm Yesterday 5:38pm

Love & Mercy Brings Brian Wilson's Legend To Life, Twice

The Brian Wilson myth lends itself easily to the biopic treatment—perhaps too easily. In clumsy hands, the Beach Boys co-founder could be reduced to his most infamous, sensationalistic qualities: genius! Recluse! Weirdo! Thankfully, the Wilson-approved Love & Mercy is several degrees smarter and more sensitive than… » 6/02/15 4:29pm Yesterday 4:29pm

One Thing the Game of Thrones TV Show Does So Much Better Than the Books

As an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, the Game of Thrones TV series will always be compared to its source material. Given how beloved the books are, the show can usually only match them, and more often fall short. But there’s one way that the show is kicking the books’… » 6/02/15 4:05pm Yesterday 4:05pm

Hope Solo's Redemption Tour Has Begun

The Women’s World Cup starts June 6, and, right on time, frequently-arrested USWNT keeper Hope Solo’s reclamation project is starting up, too. If you’re wondering why this campaign is happening, we have no answers for you; all we can do is point you to the first stop, a long, gushy, and somewhat confused ESPN profile. » 6/02/15 3:21pm Yesterday 3:21pm

Roger Goodell Will Hear Tom Brady's Appeal, Says "My Mind Is Open"

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has denied the NFLPA’s request to recuse himself from overseeing Tom Brady’s appeal of his four-game Ballghazi suspension. He insists that he can be a fair and unbiased administrator, even though he was the one who handed down the suspension in the first place: » 6/02/15 3:02pm Yesterday 3:02pm

How to Fix a Racist Frat

The video was obviously horrible: Fraternity brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma, jubilantly and drunkenly singing—to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”—“There will never be a nigger in SAE.” The song went on. “You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me.” » 6/02/15 2:30pm Yesterday 2:30pm

This Is Why Kilian Jornet Did Not Return Emails Yesterday

So, while you’re warming a chair, carving the brain-pathway triangle from screen to keyboard to couch ever deeper, Catalan runner/climber/skier/mountain man Kilian Jornet was contemplating this line. I think that’s Jornet in the yellow, and steep skiing guide Vivian Bruchez in the blue, with Seb Montaz behind the… » 6/02/15 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm

Beer Is Better Outside (Especially This One)

Yesterday’s Drunkspin celebrated June’s arrival by blabbing about beach beer, which was fun until the whole thing turned out to be a dirty damn tease. While I was inside writing about the perfect low-alcohol ginger-grapefruit beer for lifeguards who want to catch a safe little buzz in the sun, the outside part of my… » 6/02/15 1:23pm Yesterday 1:23pm

Get Brand Name Sound Without the Hype: Status Audio Headphones ($38)

Status Audio created the HD One headphones with a single goal in mind: deliver great sound with a classic look and leave the superfluous details behind. While the headphones are already less than half the price of competitors, right now you can grab a pair for just $38, a savings of over 20%. Enter promo code HDONEDS » 5/29/15 11:47am Friday 11:47am

Give Your Dog Monthly BarkBox Treats + One Month Free (Shelters Get 10%)

Spoiling your dog is really fun, but you don’t have to encourage bad habits when you do it. Instead get your dog BarkBox, a monthly subscription of toys and treats that’s not only fun and healthy but will save you time and money. Start your BarkBox subscription now and get a free month added to any new 3, 6, or 12… » 6/01/15 2:27pm Monday 2:27pm

Assist Legend John Stockton Makes An Amazing Comic Book Hero 

Today’s NBA has no shortage of talented point guards. But contemporary players will always owe a debt to the elder statesman of the point guard fraternity. What better way to memorialize all-time career assist leader, John Stockton, than his very own comic book?
» 6/02/15 11:55am Yesterday 11:55am

Grab This Classy Leather Key Organizer For Over 35% Off

Who said your keyring can’t be stylish too? The OrbitKey is the classiest way to keep all your keys organized. It features a genuine cowhide leather strap that fits up to 7 standard keys, plus a built in stainless steel bottle opener. Right now, Deadspin readers can save over 35% with code KEYSPIN5. » 5/29/15 3:44pm Friday 3:44pm

Never Forget Another Password On Any Device: Dashlane Premium (15% Off)

We all know that having one password for dozens of sites and services is a bad move while remembering unique passwords for each is an exercise in patience. Solve this with 15% off Dashlane Premium password management, which syncs across all devices, for just $33/yr. Or, get Dashlane Free on a single device. » 6/02/15 12:14pm Yesterday 12:14pm