Jahlil Okafor Lays Bare One Of The Flaws With The Process

Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. The saying isn’t actually true—many of the best things happen after midnight, in fact—but it’s a mantra Jahlil Okafor would’ve done well to internalize over the past two months, as it seems… »Today 8:44pm11/30/15 8:44pm


Eat Shit, Real Madrid! You Aren’t Getting Neymar!

Real Madrid are at a crossroads. Perilously near the end of the Cristiano Ronaldo era—which, while being incredibly fruitful for the player himself, has been something of a disappointment in terms of trophies—the club needs to decide who will lead them into the next epoch, where they hope to fare better against those… »Today 6:29pm11/30/15 6:29pm

Own 50 of Warner Bros Best Films For Less Than $2.50 Each

Here’s a nice Cyber Monday surprise: 50 critically acclaimed films in one $116 package. I think this might actually be one of the best deals of of the holiday shopping season so far; Amazon’s never sold it for less than $177 before today. [Warner Bros 50 Film Collection, $116] »Today 5:58pm11/30/15 5:58pm

Here’s a brief, redacted peek at reams of emails to and from NHL executives discussing head injuries

Here’s a brief, redacted peek at reams of emails to and from NHL executives discussing head injuries and safety reforms. As part of their concussion lawsuit against the league, lawyers for former players are attempting to have the rest unsealed. »Today 3:58pm11/30/15 3:58pm

Clay Helton Mobbed By His Players After Being Named USC Head Coach

Clay Helton has been serving as USC’s interim head coach for a few weeks now, and the school surprised a lot of people this morning when it decided to sign him to a multi-year contract and keep him as the head coach going forward. USC fans who were dreaming of Chip Kelly may be disappointed, but the players sure seem… »Today 3:58pm11/30/15 3:58pm

Michael Jordan's Ghost Is Retiring, At Fucking Last

This will be Kobe Bryant’s final season. He announced it yesterday, and the news made me think, instantly, of Michael Jordan. The last, greatest, and most devoted of his followers is passing; it’s the latest and most final-seeming of his many deaths, the destruction of his last on-court horcrux. Do you think Kobe… »Today 3:00pm11/30/15 3:00pm

Leicester City Can't Really Be This Good, Can They?

This truly is madness. Coming into this weekend, a third of the way through the Premier League season, the team sitting atop the table wasn’t the reigning champions Chelsea, nor the rich and stacked squad in Manchester City, or even Arsenal, enjoying their most promising season in forever. No, the club that occupied… »Today 2:13pm11/30/15 2:13pm

Kevin Durant Blasts Media For Criticizing Kobe Bryant

If Derek Jeter’s retirement tour is any guide, Kobe Bryant’s final season is going to be a victory lap, with everyone competing to fawn over the career of a guy who, admittedly, was one of the most important players in the modern NBA. But that’s not enough for Kevin Durant, who took the media to task for not getting… »Today 1:57pm11/30/15 1:57pm

Robert Flores Says No One's Mad About Travis Kelce's Touchdown Dance Because He's White

During today’s highlight of Travis Kelce’s touchdown dance from Sunday’s game against the Bills, SportsCenter’s Robert Flores openly wondered why no one was up in arms over the Chiefs’ tight end hitting the Quan. After all, Cam Newton caught hell for reveling in the Panthers’ win over the Titans two weeks ago, which… »Today 1:43pm11/30/15 1:43pm

The Best Ways to Get a Bartender's Attention (Without Being a Jerk)

Getting the attention of the bartender at your favorite watering hole can be a daunting task, especially after work or on the busy weekends when everyone’s out for a drink or three. To make it a little easier, we sat down with a couple of bartenders who have been slinging drinks for years to get the best tips. Here’s… »Today 1:38pm11/30/15 1:38pm

Calvin Pryor Blames Rishard Matthews's Injury On Ryan Tannehill's Bad Throw

On the Dolphins’ third play from scrimmage in their 38-20 loss to the Jets, Ryan Tannehill threw a short pass behind Rishard Matthews. When Matthews turned for the ball—it went past him—Jets safety Calvin Pryor slammed into Matthews’s torso. He would leave the game with what were described as rib and chest injuries.… »Today 12:50pm11/30/15 12:50pm