Maradona Calls Messi's Golden Ball Win A "Marketing Plan"

Lionel Messi was awarded FIFA's Golden Ball, as best player of the World Cup, and it was sort of a cruel selection. Not only did it highlight that the world's undisputed best player became increasingly less visible as the tournament wore on, but it forced Messi to receive his trophy on the pitch, when he sounded like… » 7/14/14 9:31am Today 9:31am

Hey, Check Out Mario Götze's Boat Boner

Hey, casual soccer fan! You're likely going to remember Mario Götze as the guy who won the 2014 World Cup for Germany, but you should know that he was famous long before he scored last night's deciding goal. That's because he once got a big ol' boner while hanging out on a boat with a lady. » 7/14/14 9:18am Today 9:18am