Here are the inevitable videos of angry men burning their NFL jerseys

Sports are the only thing bigger than Donald Trump in this country, so it was only a matter of time before he added them to his list of enemies alongside The New York Times, Kristen Stewart, and sharks. It began on Friday, when Trump said the NFL should fire any “son of a bitch” who would protest the national anthem…

Five Years of Kinja Deals: The 100 Most Popular Products Ever

Five years ago, Gizmodo Media Group created a new team, independent of the Editorial and Advertising wings of our company, and dedicated to helping our readers discover the best products and the best deals on them. Twenty million products later, these are the most popular items ever, as purchased by you.

Jessie James Decker Claims Husband Eric Decker Was Tricked Into Staying In Locker Room For National Anthem

The Titans and Seahawks decided to stay in their respective locker rooms during the national anthem before yesterday’s game, with Tennessee declaring the gesture a display of unity. But according to Jessie James Decker, wife of Titans wide receiver Eric Decker, that unity wasn’t absolute: She claims that her husband…