Eddie Vedder toasts Chris Chelios at a Vancouver Pearl Jam Concert

The initial reaction was surprising, but then after some coaxing, the crowd let Eddie Vedder know how they really felt about Chelios.

Eddie Vedder toasts Chris Chelios (for his entry in the Hockey Hall of Fame) at the Vancouver Pearl Jam concert at Rogers Arena - December 4, 2013

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Bears Fan Is A Cunning Linguist

I'm sorry. Everything about this is disgusting.

Outdoor pre-game shows are kind of weird and pointless to begin with but when it is negative five trillion in Chicago they also seem cruel and unusual. Enter Considerate Dude In The Back—in a Ditka jersey, natch—who tried to bring a little heat with his furious lingual gymnastics and, remarkably, made everything infinitely weirder. Watch until the very end for a quick comeback performance.

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