When last we checked in with the Canucks winger, he had freed the Kootenays from the terrible reign of the Goatbeast. Booth's offseason activities this year swing to the other end of the spectrum—that of the mind and of the soul.

Booth spent some time in England, taking classes at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. ("Receive solid biblical grounding based upon evangelical conviction. Be taught how to face today's challenges to Christian thought with philosophically astute academic excellence. Apply your learning in practical evangelistic settings." Etc.)

It did not take take long for Booth to start dropping teleological knowledge bombs on Twitter.


He's now got irrefutable comebacks for anyone who wants to come at the king.

Fear not. Our modern-day Cincinnatus has not laid down his arms. He's set up an entirely separate Twitter account just to chronicle his hunting exploits.