Dead Letters: Some Friendly, Productive Exchanges With Our ReadersWelcome back to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Normally we begin with reader mail and close with Dead Tweets. Not today. There are some good tweets.

Subject: Fuck You, Sir

From: Timothy Reddington
To: Tom Ley, The Staff

You condone your own personal sanctimonious bullshit yet also condone this (…) as a justified, rational response by a woman who cannot answer a standard cross-examination impeachment question. If I were to call you retarded I bet you would post it as a slur, yet you call it a genius response. To that, I say "fuck you, sir." Was that a genius response to your irrational and insensitive praise for a slur? The only reason the lawyer looks annoyed in the video is because he has a hostile witness and an enabling judge who claims "I don't know" is asked and answered (but hey, that's the difference between Florida and New York).

Subject: Tom Ley

From: Sean Wilson
To: The Staff

Please tell Tom Ley to stop posting pictures of people at ballparks who are reading or looking at devices. I really don't give two shits either way about the subject, but whatever point Tom wants to make about it, he has certainly made that point by now. His posts are adding nothing to any conversation about anything of interest. He's starting to make Neetzan Zimmerman look like Hamilton Nolan (apologies for the cross-corporate analogy). If he wrote a post about how he hated people with cats, and then made several posts a day of pictures of people with their cats with the headline of, "Look At This Fucking Idiot Who Owns A Cat," it would at least be defensible because people who own cats are unarguably terrible people deserving of such derision. But here, there is no such defense; all he is doing is clogging your front page with pictures of people's backs. Thanks for listening.

PS: Please do not bombard my e-mail with pictures of people with cats.

[Ed.: Sean's email address is seanwil—oh, never mind. Here's a blog with a cat and occasional people.]


Subject: tip

From: Steve Sasssmith
To: Tim Burke

sephia boy- is there only one photo of you? and are you actually yellow? you're that dude from sin city, right?

best wishes, sam kiffer

Subject: C'mon guys cover soccer game

From: Thomas mitkowski
To: The Staff

[No text.]

Subject: Facial Biometrics guy.

From: B B
To: The Staff

Hey my site is about up... How do you think people will react when they realize Lou Gehrig was Nelson Rockefeller.... How bout putting those images up on your site? Or better yet, how about putting actor Ian Zeiring and Trent Dilfer up.... Oops! That's just a lil taste.... Hope you enjoy the site... I know sports fans will.... At least Knicks coach Woodson isn't rapper Ton Loc.... Ooops! Keep pushing your fake news stories. You are doing great. But your site will be worthless once mine goes viral.