A fejjel becsúszás az új dili az argentin fociban

Gaspar Iñíguez, az Argentinos Juniors játékosa próbálta ki ezt a szokatlan szerelési stílust Cristian Erbes Boca-középpályás ellen a hétvégi derbin. Az eredmény: mínusz három fog, plusz egy sárgalap. Videón elég kemény.

Original post by Barry Petchesky on Deadspin

Face-First Dive Is The Worst Soccer Tackle Of The Year

With most unwise challenges, you can usually see what the intent was, and where it all went wrong. With this face-first dive from Argentina over the weekend, your guess is as good as ours.

Argentinos Juniors' Gaspar Iniguez went directly into the feet of his opponent, resulting in injury and insult: He lost three teeth, but gained a yellow card. If I were him, I'd be most upset about the opponent rolling around in mock pain after stubbing a toe on my face.

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