Fred Smoot Is Back With More Disgusting Sex LingoS

Fred Smoot, who is best known for double-donging two hookers while on the Vikings sex boat, has seemingly stumbled into a new career: coming up with disgusting euphemisms for oral sex.

Back in June, Smoot did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, during which he explained that he likes to call performing oral sex on a woman "running through the okra patch." Gross. Well, Smoot was back on Reddit today, jumping into this thread to drop some knowledge on NFL fans. When one Redditor made a reference to the okra patch thing, Smoot unveiled his latest gem:

Fred Smoot Is Back With More Disgusting Sex Lingo

OK, I think we can all see where this is headed. At some point, Smoot is going to have to tell us exactly what he calls the act of double-donging two hookers. My guess is that it will somehow involve the word "swirl."