Kendrick Perkins had been lying low since the Thunder were eliminated from the playoffs a few weeks back. His Twitter account, in fact, had been dormant since May 30. But last night, Perkins suddenly let his 55,000-plus followers know he had a dog to offer. And he was in a bit of a hurry to make a sale.

Was Perk being serious? Perk was being serious.

An English bulldog, eh? Tell us more, Perk.


Sounds good. What else?

Fair enough. You, um, said something about photos ...


There ya go. Aw. Cute little pup.

More aw.

Whoa! Mean-lookin' little guy. We can see why you can't have him around a little kid.

Little help? Anyone?

OK, cool. Thanks, Perk.

Top photo credit: AP

h/t to Logan N. and Ryan L.