This is the kind of game this was: after Liverpool sealed their monumental comeback with their fourth goal of the evening in the first of four stoppage time minutes, it still felt inevitable that Dortmund would get at least one great chance of their own to equalize and thus progress on to the Europa League semis. This was an all-out attacking, defense-optional affair, and somehow, despite twice trailing by two goals and needing three more to win the tie, Liverpool came out victorious.

I’m just going to throw all six—six!—other goals from this game in here, because for one, seeing all six—six!—of them in their break-neck glory is cool, and for two, because it should give you a feel for how the chances flowed, i.e. openly and without stint:

And again, those are just the ones these guys managed to score. No one who watched would’ve been at all surprised had this game ended up with about 12 total goals. It was wild like that.


The Liverpool homer announcers were pretty happy by events, as you could imagine:

Liverpool fans will probably be drinking themselves silly deep into the night, elated by the simple pleasure of beating one of the best teams in the world in such dramatic fashion and staying alive in this tournament. Their minds might start to wander forward, though, towards what their semifinal place means for the ultimate success of their season should they keep this momentum going and win the thing. To that, manager Jürgen Klopp has already given his response: