You may have noticed that many of your favorite sports media platforms like to express ideas about the NBA through the prism of popular culture. Here's Grantland applying Game of Thrones plotlines to the NBA in a two-part series. Here's Sports On Earth turning players from the year's playoffs into a Game of Thrones-themed comic strip. Here's The Classical telling us which characters from Game of Thrones correspond with which NBA players. Here's Grantland—again in a two-part series—explaining the state of the NBA through quotes from Game of Thrones. Here's Jason Whitlock using Game of Thrones to tell us why the Indiana Pacers are a dangerous playoff team. Here's an SB Nation blog figuring out which NBA teams correspond to which houses from Game of Thrones. Such a wide array of perspectives!


We wanted to get in on the fun, too, but then we realized that Game of Thrones, despite its evident popularity among people who write about sports on the internet, isn't exactly a cultural touchstone for the population at large. Not everyone has HBO, you know? So we decided to look at the NBA through the lens of a different show: CBS's Mike & Molly, a popular sitcom about a couple of Chicago newlyweds. Mike is the laid-back momma's boy police officer; Molly is the high-strung elementary school teacher with an occasional temper. Which NBA players are which Mike & Molly characters? Find out by joining us now for Mike & Molly, NBA style.

LeBron James: Mike


Kevin Durant: Molly

Zach Randolph: Mike

Stephen Curry: Molly


Tim Duncan: Molly

Marc Gasol: Mike


JaVale McGee: Mike

Kobe Bryant: Molly

Derrick Rose: Molly


Roy Hibbert: Mike

J.R. Smith: Mike

Danny Green: Mike



Dwight Howard: Mike

Rajon Rondo: Molly

Jarrett Jack: Mike


Derek Fisher: Molly

James Harden: Mike

Ray Felton: Mike



Tyson Chandler: Molly

Tony Parker: Molly

Deron Williams: Mike/Molly


Rasheed Wallace: Mike

Carmelo Anthony: Molly

Paul George: Mike



Joakim Noah: Mike

Nate Robinson: Mike

Dwyane Wade: Molly


Mario Chalmers: Mike

Manu Ginobili: Mike

Serge Ibaka: Molly



Check back soon for Part 2*!

(* There won't be a Part 2)

Art by Barry Petchesky. Jack Dickey contributed reporting.