Reports: Lamar Odom Is Addicted To Crack (Or Oxycontin And Ambien)

Depending on which report you read, Lamar Odom is either addicted to crack or oxycontin and Ambien. Odom, who is married (for now) to a Kardashian, was reportedly in rehab for one or all of these addictions last August and left after three weeks. He was clean for the 2012-2013 season.

There have also been reports that Odom cheated on The Other Kardashian and they are getting a divorce. Both TMZ and Radar quote "sources familiar with the situation" who say the Kardashian family was concerned and even staged an intervention for the guy diddling around on a loved one.

Basically, we have three takeaways here. First, that is a tremendous GIF. Second, don't smoke crack and third, don't piss off the Kardashians.


Lamar Odom Drug Abuse — Family Fears He’s Hooked On ‘Hillbilly Heroin’ OxyContin & Ambien [Radar Online]