Super Bowl-Bound Seahawk Richard Sherman Wins Taunting Championship

The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl, after cornerback Richard Sherman ended the San Francisco 49ers final drive by leaping and tipping a pass for teammate Malcolm Smith to intercept in the end zone. Nobody was more impressed by Sherman's performance than Richard Sherman, as he demonstrated in his cruelly enthusiastic postgame interview.


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Richard Sherman Breaks Up Pass, Wins Game, Goes Nuts On Erin Andrews

Richard Sherman helped send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. Then he unleashed something on Erin Andrews in a brief but very angry post-game interview. C'mon, Rick, save it for Skip Bayless.

It seems Richard Sherman does not like Michael Crabtree, doesn't it? Anyway, here's the disastrous final play for Colin Kaepernick, as he ruins everything and throws an interception in the end zone. Enjoy this small and rare dose of enthusiasm from Joe Buck.


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