Russell Westbrook did a pretty cool thing on Friday when he helped a total stranger pull off a marriage proposal. A few weeks ago, Charlie Bright reached out to Westbrook on Facebook and asked the Thunder point guard if he wouldn't mind helping him pop the question to his girlfriend. Westbrook—likely tired of spending his summer days lip-syncing to Taylor Swift songs—agreed to pitch in, and he performed his duties to perfection.

Here's how Bright says it went down: He took his girlfriend, Rachel, for a walk on the OU campus, and at exactly 4:30 p.m. he told her to check her Twitter feed. That's when she saw this:

I really hope those hashtags were Westbrook's idea. Anyway, Rachel said yes, which gave us this wonderful follow-up tweet from Westbrook:


Well, that really couldn't have gone any better. High-fives all around.