Olympic Sprinters Will Be Running Not Only For Gold, But For These Frigging Adorable Baby Cheetahs

Today, the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. officially unveiled their two new cheetah cubs. The ridiculously cute fluffballs don't have names yet—the zoo is waiting on the Olympics. The three-month-old cubs will be named after the top American finishers in the men's and women's 100 meters. So, Justin Gatlin, Tyson… »7/24/12 6:55pm7/24/12 6:55pm


Asafa Powell Beats The Clock, In Lieu Of Beating Usain Bolt

Asafa Powell, the 100-meter world record holder of the pre-Usain Bolt era, claimed the title of Fastest Man in the World, This Year, So Far by running a 9.78 yesterday in Lausanne, Switzerland. That beats the 9.79 that Tyson Gay ran in early June in Clermont, Florida, before Gay dropped off the circuit with a hip… »7/01/11 4:28pm7/01/11 4:28pm

No White Person Has Ever Broken 10 Seconds in the 100 Meters

I thought 2008 would be our year. I really did. After all, if a black man can be elected President (hopefully), then a white person could break 10 seconds, right? But the 100 meters came and went and once more the fastest white man in the history of the universe remains some guy named Marian Woronin from Poland who… »8/20/08 4:30pm8/20/08 4:30pm