Here Is 2 Chainz On A Segway

Hello! My name is Rob Harvilla, and I'll be your culture editor here at Deadspin. I am at pains to articulate at this time what that means, exactly, so in lieu of a verbal explanation, please accept this video of 2 Chainz driving a Segway through a hotel suite while singing, "This is what ballin' feels like." What do… » 3/18/14 4:14pm 3/18/14 4:14pm

(Unofficial) Glory Days: 2 Chainz Could Dunk In High School, Played AAU…

This video, dug up by ESPN, shows 2 Chainz (your favorite rapper's favorite rapper), then just Tauheed Epps, looking not unlike the 2 Chainz of today, balling all over the crosstown kids from Banneker. He sinks a three, he throws down a nasty dunk (after the buzzer, obviously), he shimmies triumphantly, there's a… » 9/15/12 9:30am 9/15/12 9:30am