Americans Take Back the Cup, Do the Bull Dance, Feel the Flow

Hunter Mahan and the underdog American Ryder Cup team have brought the prize back to the States where it belongs, for at least the next two years. As expected, the European media is taking things well. By that I of course mean that they are wasting no time in bashing the crap » 9/21/08 6:45pm 9/21/08 6:45pm out of beleaguered captain Nick Faldo. ()

The Final Bid to Reclaim the Cup

The American Ryder Cup side maintained their two point lead over the Europeans through yesterday's afternoon session, and now only today's twelve singles matches remain. Because they currently hold the cup, the Euros will need to win seven of this afternoon's matches outright to tie the US and retain the cup. That… » 9/21/08 12:05pm 9/21/08 12:05pm

All Eyes On FIGJAM (and Amy)

It's beginning to look as if the Americans will go into tomorrow's singles play with a comfortable lead for the first time in years. Of course with 12 points up for grabs, one for each of the 12 singles matches, they'll need every point they can get as the afternoon session reaches its conclusion. Continue after the… » 9/20/08 5:35pm 9/20/08 5:35pm

Euros Charge, Americans Maintain Lead

Okay, so maybe Nick Faldo isn't a total » 9/20/08 1:00pm 9/20/08 1:00pm putz. While his two best golfers rode around in golf carts all morning the Europeans managed to put a dent in the early US lead. Rose and Poulter earned them a full point when they avenged yesterday's fourball loss to the Cink-Campbell pairing while Jimenez and McDowell earned a…

The Americans Are Kicking Ass, Sans Tiger

For the first time in nearly 30 years the United States Ryder Cup team has entered the second day of competition with a stunning three-point lead over the Euros, and all without the services of Tiger Woods. Anthony Kim, quite possibly the best young American since Tiger, has brought both passion and points to the US… » 9/20/08 10:00am 9/20/08 10:00am