All Right Screw It, Now It's An NFL Draft Live Blog

The post-to-post format is groovy but just a little taxing. So let's get down to the live blog tomfoolery everyone knows and/or loves. Refresh, relax, and remember Bea Arthur for who she was. » 4/25/09 4:56pm 4/25/09 4:56pm

T-R-D-E! Trade! Trade! Trade!

The Browns were all "hey, let's pick someone" and the Jets were all "um, no, how bout we draft?" and the Browns were all "whoa" and the Jets were all "yay, Sanchez!" » 4/25/09 4:45pm 4/25/09 4:45pm

I See A Green Hat And I Want It Painted Black

Aaron Curry, padded in enough leather to coat an entire herd of skinless cattle, finally ads something non-black to his outfit. Neon green. He'll mesh well with the Seahawks defense. » 4/25/09 4:38pm 4/25/09 4:38pm

Tyson Jackson, Go Directly To KC

The city loves its steak, but hopefully they're fine with chicken. It looked like not many saw defensive end Tyson Jackson going in this pick, but what the heck do I know? » 4/25/09 4:29pm 4/25/09 4:29pm

Wait, Which Jason Smith?

There's one that plays hockey, one that plays baseball, one that plays basketball, there's about five guys on IMDB with that name, and three gynecologists with that name. » 4/25/09 4:16pm 4/25/09 4:16pm

Stafford Welcomed To Detroit With Warm, Prickly Arms

Yes, Stafford is now with the Detroit Lions. And who can blame them? They totally had the other team winning the 2008 Capital One Bowl. I'd boo too. » 4/25/09 4:08pm 4/25/09 4:08pm

America's Green Room Princess

The stars continue to magnificently align for Erin Andrews, as the ESPN mother ship has officially anointed her worthy of interviewing muscular young men in tailored suits and shiny team logo'd hats. » 4/16/09 9:30am 4/16/09 9:30am