A Town Welcomes Back Its Olympic Hero By Singing "We Are The Champions" In Estonian

Heiki Nabi took a silver in Greco-Roman wrestling in London, one of Estonia's two medals. So when Nabi returned to his hometown of Kärdla, on an island in the Baltic Sea, seemingly the entire population came out to greet him by serenading him with an Estonian version of a Queen classic. »8/17/12 11:20am8/17/12 11:20am


This Is The Deficit Allison Schmitt Just Erased To Win Gold For Team USA In The Women's 4x200 Free

The 4x200-meter freestyle relay just ended, and, as you'll learn tonight on NBC, the American women won gold. The hero of today's race was not Missy Franklin, everybody's favorite teenage superstar, but Allison Schmitt, the 22-year-old from the University of Georgia. (The photo above comes from Tuesday's competition,… »8/01/12 4:50pm8/01/12 4:50pm

How Many Times Have Americans Said "Awesome" or "Oh My God" In Olympic Interviews? This Many.

Ah, the post-game interview. A magical moment in sports journalism where reporters try to force a meaningful, articulate comment out of an incredibly exhilarated and emotional athlete. The Olympics are rife with opportunities for these same reporters to ask the same questions and get the same answers. And oh my God… »8/01/12 2:53pm8/01/12 2:53pm