Chaps Don't Get A Fella What They Used To: We Predict The 2013 Academy Award Nominees

Thursday morning, Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone will get up about seven hours earlier than they usually do to announce the nominees for the 85th Academy Awards. This will be stupid and pointless and watched by millions of idiots, myself giddily among them. The Oscars are dumb, but as far as awards shows go, they're… »1/09/13 6:05pm1/09/13 6:05pm

The Year In Deadspin's Coverage Of The Overzealous Policing Of Student-Athletes

It's a great time to be a college athlete. Well, at least it is if being a college athlete is supposed to be a whole lot like being an East German. We learned a great deal in 2012 about the Kollege Kops, and their experiments with emerging technologies. We hope we don't see them nearly as much next year. But, lo,… »12/27/12 12:15pm12/27/12 12:15pm