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That's that: Kentucky's student-athletes defeated Kansas's amateur basketball players, 67-59. Here's a look at some of our tourney coverage: They're cursing on TV in Kentucky » | The celebration scared some radio guy » | John Calipari, honest pimp » | How the careers of March Madness heroes ended » | Dumb shining… » 4/02/12 7:31pm 4/02/12 7:31pm

John Calipari, The First Honest Pimp

John Calipari is a smarmy greaseball with a habit of making enemies and racking up NCAA violations, and sometimes I think he's the only man who really understands college basketball. » 4/02/12 12:50pm 4/02/12 12:50pm

Deadspin Does March Madness: The Sweet Sixteen

It's Syracuse-Wisconsin, Michigan State-Louisville, Cincinnati-Ohio State, and Marquette-Florida as the first night of the Sweet Sixteen gets underway. Come talk about them! Open thread » | Pat Jordan on Geno Auriemma, egomaniac and genius »| When the heroes of March Madness knew it was all over » » 3/22/12 7:10pm 3/22/12 7:10pm

Deadspin Does March Madness, Day Four

The Sweet Sixteen is set. Cincinnati joins Syracuse, Ohio State, Marquette, Wisconson, Indiana, Kentucky, Baylor, Louisville, Michigan State, N.C. State, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Xavier and Kansas for another round of tournament basketball. Thanks for watching with us. » 3/18/12 11:41am 3/18/12 11:41am

Deadspin Does March Madness, Day Three

Syracuse, Ohio State, Marquette, Wisconson, Indiana, Kentucky, Baylor and Louisville have made it through to the round of sixteen. Tomorrow, eight more teams will join them. Until then, keep yourself busy catching up on all our coverage. » 3/17/12 12:15pm 3/17/12 12:15pm

Deadspin Does March Madness, Day Two

We have our first big upset of March Madness—15-seed Norfolk State over No. 2 seed Missouri, a result predicted by Alex Ovechkin and a hairless cat. Lots more on tap for tonight. Join us in the comments, won't you? Open thread II » » 3/16/12 12:06pm 3/16/12 12:06pm

Deadspin Does March Madness

The two greatest days on the sports calendar are finally here. With several games still on tap tonight and 16 more tomorrow, there's absolutely no reason to do anything except watch basketball. Join us, as the 2012 NCAA Tournament continues. Your fourth-set-of-games open thread » | Your third-set-of-games open thread » » 3/15/12 9:56pm 3/15/12 9:56pm

How To Watch The NCAA Tournament At Work

The play-in games—sorry, "first round"—are halfway done, so tomorrow sees the start of the traditional and comprehensible 64-team bracket that makes up March Madness. And there's nothing more traditional than blowing off productivity to watch the tournament, four games at a time, from the relative comfort of your… » 3/14/12 4:35pm 3/14/12 4:35pm

The 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Is Here

We'll be doing a Tournament Pick 'Em most likely tomorrow but for now here is a downloadable version of the 2012 Bracket, hot off the presses for your enjoyment, scrutiny and pipe-dream gold mine. [CBS] » 3/11/12 6:57pm 3/11/12 6:57pm