Canada's Curling Skip Gets Emotional While Watching Final Shot

Jennifer Jones's final stone wrapped up a 6-3 victory for her team in today's gold medal match against Sweden, capping off the Canadian team's unbeaten Olympic run. While watching her shot slide down the ice, the 39-year-old Jones couldn't help but get a little emotional. One thing that's cool about the Olympics is… »2/20/14 12:20pm2/20/14 12:20pm

The Coach Who Doesn't Care: How One Man Turns Skaters Into Champions

Gracie Gold was having a bad night. The 18-year-old figure skater was about a minute and a half into her free skate at the U.S. International Classic in September when she singled a double axel. It was a significant mistake—a loss of a couple of points—but for a disciplined skater, that kind of error shouldn't have… »2/19/14 12:23pm2/19/14 12:23pm

Those Olympic Hockey Organists You've Been Enjoying Are From The NHL

If you've watched any of the men's hockey games during these Olympics, you've probably found yourself enjoying the work of the arena organist. So far, games have featured snippets of the Star Wars and Game of Thrones theme songs, Van Halen's "Right Now," and Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." It just so happens that… »2/13/14 1:59pm2/13/14 1:59pm