Women Can Swim Long Distances Just Fine, So Why Aren't We Allowed To?

While the Olympics aren't fresh on the mind for some (not me; I actually never stop thinking about them), some recent particularly impressive distance swimming has prompted the question of why female swimmers competing in the Olympics swim 800 meters of freestyle instead of 1,500 meters, the way the men do. »8/12/14 11:45am8/12/14 11:45am


Michael Phelps, America's Laziest Olympian, Barely Qualifies For Tonight's 400 Individual Medley

We were this close (seven-hundredths of a second-close) to missing a Phelps-Lochte face-off. This guy just can't get motivated. After deciding to saunter his way through the London Olympics, participating in only seven events and not the eight he dominated in Beijing, Phelps almost wound up competing in only six.… »7/28/12 9:30am7/28/12 9:30am