Two Boys Kissing: How Our Favorite Sports Photo Of 2013 Came To Life

In January, photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice was on assignment for Sports Illustrated when she went to a San Francisco gay bar, HiTops, during the 49ers-Falcons NFC Championship game. She was assigned to get a photo that would accompany a story about the diversity of 49ers fans. Her photo, above, was a dream shot: Two… » 12/23/13 2:00pm 12/23/13 2:00pm

This Photo Of Two Male 49ers Fans Making Out Is Awesome

So, it took me a whole week to stumble upon this pic, which appeared on page 48 of last week's Sports Illustrated. It was taken during the NFC championship game at a San Francisco gay bar named—wait for it—Hi Tops. One dude in a tight T-shirt is pumping his fist, and there are some pint glasses on the bar, and over… » 1/30/13 5:34pm 1/30/13 5:34pm

Four Theories On How The Giants Went From Awful To Amazing

We're doing a season-long NFL roundtable with our friends at Slate. Check back here each week as a rotating cast of football watchers discusses the weekend's key plays, coaching decisions, and traumatic brain injuries. » 1/16/12 1:54pm 1/16/12 1:54pm

MC Hammer: Rapper, Activist, Entrepreneur, And A Motivational Speaker…

MC Hammer has never strayed too far from the sports. He is, after all, a former sports blogger. Over the years, Hammer has helped the 49ers' sign Michael Crabtree in '09, he's done commercials for the Atlanta Braves, he's written open letters to Barry Bonds, and he even had his very own bobblehead night in Oakland this … » 10/26/11 6:00pm 10/26/11 6:00pm

The 49ers Don't Care About Spygate II Because Their Offense Is…

I'm not sure what's more amazing: A re-imagining of the conversation between Josh McDaniels and Mike Singletary during the Denver Broncos "Call 'Em All Apology Hour" for Spygate II, or this nugget from ESPN's story about it ... » 11/28/10 1:30pm 11/28/10 1:30pm