A-Rod's "Bribe" Of Tony Bosch Doesn't Look Much Like A Bribe

Among the many claims made against Alex Rodriguez in a one-sided 60 Minutes segment was that Rodriguez had attempted to pay off Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch when Bosch decided to cooperate with MLB's investigation. The CBS broadcast presented it as fact, and MLB COO Rob Manfred outright called it a bribe. Well,… » 1/17/14 9:16am 1/17/14 9:16am

60 Minutes Presents The Case Against MLB

Not 36 hours after an arbitrator largely sided with MLB and pegged Alex Rodriguez's suspension at all of 2014, Bud Selig took a bizarre, televised victory lap. A double-length 60 Minutes segment that publicly (and for the very first time) laid out the evidence against A-Rod, featuring sit-down interviews with the… » 1/13/14 9:20am 1/13/14 9:20am

Aaron Rodgers Feels He Got Screwed By 60 Minutes

Aaron Rodgers is not short. But he used to be short (for a quarterback), and it still rankles him immensely, and just about the worst thing you can say to him is that he looks smaller in person. 60 Minutes's Sunday profile of Rodgers caught him at a fan meet-and-greet, and when one unlucky contest winner used the… » 11/08/12 10:51am 11/08/12 10:51am

Aaron Rodgers Is Very Sensitive About His Height

60 Minutes ran a profile of Aaron Rodgers last night, and it was, as is customary for most of their non-tennis sports segments, not really designed for sports fans. (Did you know the Packers play in a small town, but have won a lot of championships, and their fans really love the team? I hope you didn't, because… » 11/05/12 3:15pm 11/05/12 3:15pm