ESPN Poll: Bring Back The A-11 Offense, You Jerks

The NFHS rules committee that banned the A-11 offense in January is out of touch with the typical football fan, and probably evil, according to a recent ESPN poll. » 3/20/09 12:45pm 3/20/09 12:45pm

NFHS Rules Committee: A-11 Offense, Not Yours

Uh oh. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Football Rules Committee may have just put the kibosh on the A-11, our new favorite everyone-just-go-long offense. » 2/14/09 3:00pm 2/14/09 3:00pm

The A-11; Wave Of The Future, Or Satan's Offense?

Just what we needed: A new offense that makes the run-n-shoot look conservative. Meet the A-11; brainchild of Piedmont High, Calif., mad scientist/head coach Kurt Bryan, which is beginning to create a buzz at the prep level. Basically it's organized football's version of "Everyone just go long." Hilarity, and… » 7/25/08 9:45am 7/25/08 9:45am