Aaron Rodgers Shuts Down Manbaby Reporter

Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend, Olivia Munn, were sitting courtside at Wisconsin's Elite 8 victory over Arizona on Saturday, and because Rodgers is basically royalty in the state of Wisconsin, they got to go onto the court and join the postgame festivities. CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd did not think this was cool, and he… » 3/30/15 10:01am Monday 10:01am

Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Think God Is A Football Fan

Lots of people talkin' about God and football these days! Just a day after Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson blamed his four-interception NFC Championship game performance on God, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was vanquished by Wilson (and possibly the Lord Almighty?!) in that game, was asked if he… » 1/21/15 10:28am 1/21/15 10:28am

Aaron Rodgers Likes To Tamper With Footballs, Too

We have now reached the point in the New England Patriots' Ballghazi scandal where Patriots fans can start claiming that the team didn't do anything that every other team in the NFL isn't also doing. » 1/20/15 2:03pm 1/20/15 2:03pm

Report: Suh Says He Stepped On Aaron Rodgers Because His Feet Were Numb

Ndamukong Suh won an appeal of his one-game suspension for stepping on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Suh argued innocence by claiming that his feet were numb from the cold. » 12/31/14 2:49pm 12/31/14 2:49pm

Newspaper Tweets, Deletes Perfectly Good Aaron Rodgers Penis Joke

The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a quick story on Aaron Rodgers's good-luck charm--the beard of a Lambeau communications technician, which the QB gives a playful li'l fondle during games. Above is how the paper sent it out on Twitter this morning; it was quickly deleted, because Americans just don't appreciate a good… » 12/30/14 5:47pm 12/30/14 5:47pm

Man Loses Bet, Puts String Cheese In Aaron Rodgers Jersey In Butt [NSFW]

It is my fiduciary responsibility to alert you to this very NSFW photo of a Bears fan putting a stick of string cheese that is outfitted in a tiny Aaron Rodgers jersey up his butt. The Bears fan—Reddit user /u/mshotts—lost a bet and had to provide photographic evidence of it going up his butt. If you haven't lost a… » 12/29/14 3:04pm 12/29/14 3:04pm

Ndamukong Suh Suspended For One Game 

Ndamukong Suh has been suspended for one game for stepping on Aaron Rodgers's injured leg. Suh will miss the Lions' Sunday playoff game at Dallas. » 12/29/14 2:48pm 12/29/14 2:48pm

Ndamukong Suh Is Stomping On People Again

Ndamukong Suh has embraced his reputation as the NFL's dirtiest player, and he borrowed from teammate Dominic Raiola's playbook tonight in crushing Aaron Rodgers's leg—the same leg that left the Packers quarterback leaving the field on a cart earlier in the game. » 12/28/14 7:25pm 12/28/14 7:25pm

Credit The Bills' Defense, Because Their Offense Sucks So Hard

The Bills pulled off an upset of sorts yesterday at home, beating the 10-win Packers, 21-13. Buffalo now has its first eight-win season since 2004; the defense should be largely thanked for that. » 12/15/14 3:50pm 12/15/14 3:50pm

Not Even His Receivers Knew Aaron Rodgers's Fake Spike Was Coming

It wasn't quite a Dan Marino redux in Miami, as Aaron Rodgers's fake spike, which fooled as many Packers as it did Dolphins, didn't come on the winning touchdown. (It merely put Green Bay in prime position for that on the next play.) But we'll never not stop to appreciate an elegant bit of football trickery,… » 10/13/14 9:03am 10/13/14 9:03am

Bo Ryan's Excited To See Aaron Rodgers

Wisconsin beat Baylor tonight to advance to the Elite Eight, and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stopped by the Badgers' locker room after the game for some celebrating. Head coach Bo Ryan seemed happy(?) to take a photo with him. » 3/27/14 11:30pm 3/27/14 11:30pm

What The Hell's Going On In This Picture Of Aaron Rodgers Sucking Toes?

The gang over at Shot of Ginn got their hands on a weird, weird picture of Aaron Rodgers sucking on an unknown woman's toes. The photo raises many questions, not the least of which is: why? Your guess is as good as ours. » 3/08/14 3:15pm 3/08/14 3:15pm

'Aaron Rodgers Edition' F-150 Might Be Saddest Dealership Promo Ever

A Wisconsin Ford dealership's idea to make an "Aaron Rodgers Edition F-150" wasn't bad per se, but their execution was lacking. The metaphors, they write themselves. » 2/16/14 5:40pm 2/16/14 5:40pm

Aaron Rodgers: "I'm Not Gay. I Really, Really Like Women"

Recently, we—like, quite possibly, you—became aware that there were some rumors working their way around the internet suggesting that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is gay. While not in any way convincing, the rumors were intriguing enough that we did a bit of reporting on them. That reporting quite… » 12/31/13 4:21pm 12/31/13 4:21pm

Aaron Rodgers And Randall Cobb Put The Packers Into The Playoffs

It seems appropriate that the Packers' game-winning score was a connection from two of their players returning from injury. In a win-and-in Week 17 game against the Bears, Aaron Rodgers found a wide-open Randall Cobb on fourth down to take a 33-28 lead that ended up as the final score, putting Green Bay into the… » 12/29/13 7:48pm 12/29/13 7:48pm

Packers Score Bizarre Touchdown On Play Everybody Thought Was Dead

Aaron Rodgers and Jarrett Boykin inadvertently teamed up for an odd, delayed touchdown to give the Packers a 10- 3 7 lead. » 12/29/13 5:51pm 12/29/13 5:51pm

This Is A Horseshit Unnecessary Roughness Call

Had you any doubt the NFL would protect its priceless and fragile artifact Aaron Rodgers, here's something for you. The Bears' Shea McClellin earned an unnecessary roughness penalty for being subject to Newton's laws. » 12/29/13 5:33pm 12/29/13 5:33pm