DC Assault Coach Charged With...Assault

Curtis Malone, who coaches the AAU DC Assault team, which has sent scores of players to Division I basketball programs and several to the NBA, including Michael Beasley and Jeff Green, has been charged with second-degree assault after some shit allegedly went down last month at a Maryland high school. To be more… » 3/15/12 11:25am 3/15/12 11:25am

A Meeting With The Godfather: How Youth Basketball's Sausage Gets Made

In the world of grassroots basketball, the sneaker companies are kings, the coaches their vassals, and the players their serfs. However, these links are symbiotic: the companies need the coaches and players for marketing purposes and the coaches and players need the sneaker companies to get exposure that can lead to… » 10/05/10 3:15pm 10/05/10 3:15pm

Recruiting Information Wants To Be Free

It's hard to determine which end of the recruiting process is more corrupt. In one corner are the coaches who feed egos to drive theirs; in the other are the AAU type who extort high schoolers' phone numbers for cash. » 7/27/09 2:25pm 7/27/09 2:25pm