How A Career Ends: George Gervin Blew By Me, And I Knew That Was It

Tell Me When It's Over is an interview series in which we ask former athletes about the moment they knew their playing days were over. Today: Willie Wise of the 1969 national semifinalist Drake Bulldogs and the 1971 ABA champion Utah Stars. » 3/20/12 6:25pm 3/20/12 6:25pm

Here's The ABA's Jacksonville Giants Breaking A World Pro Basketball…

The Jacksonville Giants smashed the ABA's scoring record tonight by beating the Columbus Riverballers 211-84, breaking the record they set last year in a 206-102 win over the Georgia Gwizzlies. » 2/04/12 9:48pm 2/04/12 9:48pm

Dr. J Selling His Championship Rings. Possibly Related: Dr. J Sued For…

For the Julius Erving completist, there's some neat stuff available at auction later this week. Besides his NBA and two ABA championship rings, there's also his class rings from high school and college. Or maybe his gameworn Pythons uniform from The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh. Or the watch he received for winning the … » 10/26/11 11:20am 10/26/11 11:20am

How Do They Sleep At Night? On A 10-Foot High Pile Of Money

You might remember back, a few months ago, when we told you about the brothers Silna, the former owners of the ABA St. Louis Spirits who, to this day, get one-seventh of the revenue of all NBA television contracts even though they haven't owned a team in 30 years. Well, with the new NBA/ABC/ESPN contract signed… » 6/28/07 4:45pm 6/28/07 4:45pm

New ABA Coach Has Cleanest Rain Gutters In His Neighborhood

We love the Dodge City Legends' motion offense; the one in which their center sets picks at the top of the key. Because it's important to keep the tallest player in the history of organized basketball as far away from the basket as you can at all times. You've probably heard of Sun Ming Ming, a native of China who,… » 2/01/07 11:00am 2/01/07 11:00am

Will Ferrell Is Making A Movie About The ABA

I ran across this yesterday and thought it was the sort of thing about which you'd like to be made aware: Will Ferrell and Andre Benjamin of OutKast are making a movie entited "Semi-Pro" about an ABA Basketball team. Sold. That's all I need. To be honest, I was sold after "Will Ferrell," but I thought it polite to go… » 12/10/06 5:00pm 12/10/06 5:00pm

Allen Iverson's Mom Set To Revolutionize The ABA

Ann Iverson, mother of NBA superstar Allen, has become the owner of an ABA franchise. Richmond will be the city, and there's not a nickname yet, though "Iversons" or "Answers" might be a good bet. » 8/26/06 2:55pm 8/26/06 2:55pm

Muresan Lives! (In The ABA)

After he read about the promotion on Deadspin last week, Danny Groner of Silver Spring, Md. decided to attend the ABA game featuring guest player Gheorghe Muresan. Because he was really there. He files this report: » 3/07/06 10:30am 3/07/06 10:30am

Partying It Up In Sunrise

We are long-time fans of the American Basketball Association, with their makeshift rosters, frosty hamlets of Gallup, N.M. and Strong Island Sound, N.Y. and their bravery of allowing Sports Illustrated writers own their own teams. The ABA franchises remind us of a bunch of scrappy kids trying to launch a magazine;… » 1/23/06 12:30pm 1/23/06 12:30pm

Waiting For Rodman ...

Let's hear it for the people who waited for three hours outside of Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco on Tuesday for Dennis Rodman to show up for a book signing. (Who gives you coast-to-coast Rodman coverage? Deadspin, that's who). And what an occasion it was. The weather was cool and crisp, the milling throng of 11… » 11/23/05 1:00pm 11/23/05 1:00pm

Meet The New ABA

The seats were uncomfortable, the snack bar didn't have much of a selection and the halftime show was nonexistent (the sound system broke, causing the scheduled singer to go home). But professional basketball returned to San Francisco on Tuesday, and for the 1,000 people or so who turned out at Kezar Pavilion, that… » 11/16/05 12:15pm 11/16/05 12:15pm

Viva Los Rodmanos!

From the What Could Possibly Go Wrong? file comes today's fun bit from the world of semi-professional basketball: Dennis Rodman is close to signing a contract with the ABA's Tijuana Dragons. Rodman is 44 years old but doesn't look a day over 13. Our love for the ABA is well-documented, and even though the Tijuana… » 10/20/05 11:09am 10/20/05 11:09am

The ABA Will Play You Anywhere, Anytime

We love the ABA. In case you weren't sure they were still around, the ABA is a fledgling pro hoops league, with 50 scattered teams with names like the Bellingham Slam, the Northeast Pennsylvania Breakers and, our favorite, the Reigning Knights of Georgia. The league is scrappy, goofy and even uses the red and white… » 9/21/05 2:09pm 9/21/05 2:09pm