Abby Wambach Wonders If The Ref Was Out To Get The USWNT

Midfielders Lauren Holiday and Megan Rapinoe racked up yellow cards in the first half of the U.S.’s 2-0 win over Colombia, and that’s bad news: because each was already sitting on a yellow from earlier in the World Cup, they’ll miss Friday’s quarterfinal match against China. They were the only two players entering the… »6/23/15 11:08am6/23/15 11:08am

Wambach Blows PK After Colombian Keeper Sent Off; U.S. Score Anyway

Abby Wambach botched a penalty kick awarded after Colombian keeper Catalina Pérez earned a red card for bringing Alex Morgan down on the inside edge of the box, and a lackluster performance by the U.S. seemed to have its lacklustiest moment until a lucky break when Morgan snuck one past replacement keeper Stefany… »6/22/15 9:18pm6/22/15 9:18pm

USWNT Defeat Australia 3-1, But Still Have Room To Improve

The United States Women’s National Team eventually beat Australia by a comfortable two-goal margin, but for 45 minutes Australia looked to be their better, or at least their equal. Saved by a brilliant performance from Megan Rapinoe, the USWNT will have to play much better to win the World Cup. »6/08/15 10:38pm6/08/15 10:38pm

Top Female Soccer Players Sue FIFA Over Bullshit Artificial Turf

After weeks of pleading with FIFA to change its mind about playing the 2015 women’s World Cup on field turf instead of grass and being met with nothing but stubbornness, a handful of women’s soccer’s biggest stars have filed a lawsuit against FIFA to try and force the organization to put the upcoming games back on… »10/01/14 4:22pm10/01/14 4:22pm

USWNT's 43-Match Undefeated Streak Ends At The Hands Of Former Coach

The US women's soccer team lost to Sweden today, 1-0, in Portugal's Algarve Cup. It was vengeance for the Swedes on a few of levels. For one, the USWNT's streak started with a 2012 Algarve Cup victory over Sweden. Our ladies' coach way back then? Pia Sundhage, who has since left the Yanks to coach her home… »3/07/14 1:18pm3/07/14 1:18pm

The USWNT's Bus Broke Down, So The Players Hitched A Ride With Fans

I don't think there's any collection of athletes more likable than the members of the The U.S. Women's National Team. Case in point: The team was in Orlando, Fla., this weekend to play an exhibition match against Brazil when their team bus broke down after a practice session. Instead of waiting around for the bus to… »11/11/13 10:25am11/11/13 10:25am

U.S. Ambassador Of Headers And Beautiful Goals Abby Wambach Gets Another One

Back in July, when the USWNT was still storming through the Women's World Cup, we nominated Abby Wambach for U.S. Ambassador of Headers and Beautiful Goals, because she kept scoring beautiful goals off of headers. In yesterday's friendly against Canada, she got another one—so we'd like to take this opportunity to… »9/23/11 10:50am9/23/11 10:50am

Watch The Gut-Churning End To The Women's World Cup

The U.S. women's national team's run came to an end today in Frankfurt. Here's Abby Wambach's go-ahead goal in extra time, Homare Sawa's nifty conversion off of a corner kick soon after to tie it up, and — for the U.S. and for me, at least — the heartbreaking end in penalty kicks. I still advocate for Wambach's … »7/17/11 6:25pm7/17/11 6:25pm

We Hereby Nominate Abby Wambach For U.S. Ambassador Of Headers And Beautiful Goals

The U.S. women's national team advanced to the World Cup final today with a 3-1 win over France. Les Bleues tied it up early in the second half, and looked more energized and aggressive than the Americans, up until Pia Sundhage subbed in Megan Rapinoe (a proven tactic by now) and until Abby Wambach got airborne once… »7/13/11 2:10pm7/13/11 2:10pm

Look Ma, No Bra: The Women's World Cup Grows Up With Rapinoe To Wambach

When Brandi Chastain scored the fifth and final penalty kick in the 1999 Women's World Cup to defeat China, I was sitting in front of more big-screen televisions than I'd ever seen before at the Bowl-O-Rama restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and I was almost eleven years old. After it was over, as Chastain… »7/11/11 5:00pm7/11/11 5:00pm

Watch Some Very Happy Americans Lose Their Shit Over Abby Wambach's Goal

From the maker of the seminal video of reactions to Landon Donovan's World Cup goal comes this new collection of viewers going bananas over Wambach's equalizer and Ali Krieger's clinching PK. The scale is smaller but the excitement is no less palpable. (Except for the reactions that were obviously faked. Shame.) »7/11/11 2:55pm7/11/11 2:55pm

This Is How You Rebound After Almost Getting Eliminated From The Women's World Cup On A Questionable Call (Updated With Gus Johnson Call)

The #USWNT just defeated Brazil in penalty kicks in the Women's World Cup quarterfinals. Much will be written about this game, even if women's soccer isn't a sport that much generally gets written about. My contribution? Abby Wambach's goal just felt more remarkable — poetic, even — than Landon Donovan's against… »7/10/11 2:25pm7/10/11 2:25pm