J.K. Simmons Uses Oscar Win To Promote Calling Your Parents

As expected, J.K. Simmons took home the Supporting Actor Academy Award for his performance in Whiplash. Simmons's acceptance speech was simple and yet memorable, simply because he told a worldwide audience to call—"Don't text, don't email, call"—a parent, if they have any living ones remaining. » 2/22/15 9:25pm 2/22/15 9:25pm

Who Was The Best Oscars Host Of The Past 25 Years?

11. James Franco and Anne Hathaway (2011). Always beware of courting the "young," particularly two young people who are basically 50-year-olds in grownup clothing. Franco, stripped of all self-referential schtick, turned into an empty suit with nowhere to hide, and Hathaway's desperate attempts to pep up the room made… » 3/03/14 12:53pm 3/03/14 12:53pm

Jose Canseco's Oscar Night Tweets, Illustrated

We've long believed Jose Canseco's Twitter account to have transcended his Earthly realm. (In other words, it's possible somebody else is doing most of the tweeting.) That doesn't mean those tweets aren't still occasionally funny when provided with some context. Here, then, is what Jose Canseco was watching last… » 2/25/13 5:30pm 2/25/13 5:30pm

Sandra Bullock Should Take Up Weightlifting

Sandra Bullock had some trouble opening the envelope for Best Editing last night, and perhaps she might avoid such embarrassing circumstances in the future if she starts a weightlifting regimen. After all, she's already got the liftface down pat. » 2/25/13 11:00am 2/25/13 11:00am

Seth MacFarlane Wasn't The Worst Oscar Host Ever: In Defense Of A Boob

For Seth MacFarlane's critics, Sunday night was supposed to be the moment we finally got to see the guy get his comeuppance. A "billion" viewers around the world, one of the most prestigious gigs in all of entertainment: As Oscar host, this was his chance to justify his swiftly, perhaps inexplicably, rising star. Or,… » 2/25/13 10:45am 2/25/13 10:45am

The 2013 Hater's Guide To The Oscars

Time to put on our bitchy pants and say shitty things about the Oscars and everyone nominated for the Oscars. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, this year's Oscars will be "song-and-dance heavy," which is arguably the most terrifying thing I have ever read. The Grammys were two weeks ago. That is the show where… » 2/22/13 3:00pm 2/22/13 3:00pm

Your Grierson & Leitch Oscar Predictions: The Big Eight Categories You…

Yesterday, to help you out with your pool, Grierson made predictions in all the technical Oscar categories. Today, we both make our predictions for the eight major categories, the ones you actually care about. Let's go to it. » 2/20/13 5:25pm 2/20/13 5:25pm

Grierson & Leitch's Bold Predictions For The Oscar Technical Categories…

Come Sunday night, you may embark on that annual ritual: Filling out the bottom of your Oscar pool entry, pretending you know the difference between Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. Will and I will both offer our picks for the eight major categories tomorrow, but today I'm going to offer my predictions on the… » 2/19/13 6:20pm 2/19/13 6:20pm

Chaps Don't Get A Fella What They Used To: We Predict The 2013 Academy…

Thursday morning, Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone will get up about seven hours earlier than they usually do to announce the nominees for the 85th Academy Awards. This will be stupid and pointless and watched by millions of idiots, myself giddily among them. The Oscars are dumb, but as far as awards shows go, they're… » 1/09/13 6:05pm 1/09/13 6:05pm

Seth MacFarlane Hosting the Oscars? Really? A Grierson & Leitch…

Yesterday, the Motion Picture Academy of America announced that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane would be hosting this year's Oscars. This was flabbergasting news, to say the least, and it took us a day to process it. We decided to talk it out, so that when we were done, it might actually make some sense. Here is… » 10/02/12 6:06pm 10/02/12 6:06pm

Woody Allen Was Watching The NBA All-Star Game Instead Of The Oscars

Woody Allen won the Academy Award for Midnight In Paris, but it's not clear if he knows yet. Allen wasn't in the house to accept his award, because something much more important was going on: » 2/27/12 5:10pm 2/27/12 5:10pm

The Hater's Guide To The 2012 Academy Awards

Ah, the Academy Awards. To give you a firm understanding of just how awful the Oscars are, consider this: This is the only entity in the universe that considers the inclusion of Billy Crystal to be an act of salvation. If they told you they were going to try and fix all the gaping plot holes of The Walking Dead by… » 2/23/12 9:08am 2/23/12 9:08am

Oscar Week: In Defense Of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Tim Grierson and Will Leitch will be writing regularly on Gawker and Deadspin about movies, starting this week. We begin with defending the indefensible: praising the Oscar-nominated movie everyone seems to hate. Today, why you're wrong for hating Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Follow Grierson & Leitch on Twitter » 2/22/12 3:05pm 2/22/12 3:05pm

Oscar Week: In Defense Of The Help

Tim Grierson and Will Leitch will be writing regularly on Gawker and Deadspin about movies, starting today. We begin with defending the indefensible: praising the Oscar-nominated movie everyone seems to hate. Today, why you're wrong for hating The Help. Follow Grierson & Leitch on Twitter for more business. » 2/21/12 1:45pm 2/21/12 1:45pm