Paypal Doesn't Want Slain Soldiers' Families To Receive Aid

In recent weeks, we've been asked for an update concerning The Adam Knox Fund, the fund we founded to send money to the family and platoon of the late Adam Knox, brother of Deadspin reader Thomas Knox (and one of the men behind this famous photo). Well, here it is ... and it's not good. One of the first lessons we… » 1/10/07 2:00pm 1/10/07 2:00pm

Introducing The Adam Knox Fund

Over the last couple of weeks, several readers have suggested sending something to the platoon of the late Adam Knox, the man behind this famous picture from Iraq. Adam, brother of regular Deadspin reader Tom Knox, was killed last month when his patrol came under fire from enemy forces. » 10/05/06 1:15pm 10/05/06 1:15pm