Pixels Is Adam Sandler's Laziest Movie Yet, Somehow

1. Pixels is a perfectly acceptable idea for a movie that has unfortunately been Sandlerized. Based off a famous short film from 2010 that you can watch below—and you probably should just watch now, for free, thereby saving yourself the trip to the theater—it revolves around aliens who receive a time capsule from 1984… »7/22/15 4:23pm7/22/15 4:23pm

Adam Sandler's Tribute To David Letterman Was Actually Funny

Adam Sandler, believe it or not, used to be funny. Maybe that’s because we were thirteen when we first heard They’re All Gonna Laugh At You and it seemed much funnier at the time than it probably would today, but Sandler’s work on SNL and in his first few movies still holds up decently. But consider us surprised when… »5/13/15 12:51am5/13/15 12:51am

These Are the Jokes That Caused Actors To Walk Off Adam Sandler's Set

Two days ago, Native American extras on Adam Sandler’s new Netflix movie The Ridiculous Six walked off the set due to the film’s portrayal of Native Americans. In response, Netflix defended the film as a “broad satire” in which those being made fun of are “in on the joke.” So, who’s right? Well, we got our hands on… »4/24/15 5:03pm4/24/15 5:03pm

A Tolerable Adam Sandler Movie! Blended, Reviewed.

In the late '90s, when Adam Sandler decided to transition from imbecile par excellence to romantic lead, he teamed up with Drew Barrymore to make The Wedding Singer, a very silly and very lovable '80s comedy that brought a softer, more human side to his Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison persona. That film, easily his… »5/22/14 1:15pm5/22/14 1:15pm

Watch Jack Nicholson And Adam Sandler Dismissively Leave Another Crappy Lakers Game

It's an all too common trope to declare that one specific moment somehow encapsulates a team's entire season, but this one specific moment somehow encapsulates the Lakers' entire season: Jack Nicholson, himself an aging star that provides less and less on return as he gets older, sarcastically waving goodbye and… »1/12/13 11:10am1/12/13 11:10am

The Stupid, Stupid, Unforgettable Madness Of Adam Sandler. That's My Boy, Reviewed.

There are few things in modern cinema as reliable as an Adam Sandler movie. Since 1992, he's appeared in at least one film every year except for 1997, and just about all of them have been terrible. And yet there's something oddly comforting and exciting about the arrival of a new Sandler offering. It probably won't be… »6/14/12 6:47pm6/14/12 6:47pm

Whose Post-SNL Film Career Is Andy Samberg Most Likely To Have?

It was fitting how Andy Samberg decided to leave Saturday Night Live. His castmate Kristen Wiig's departure had been talked about for months, the anticipation heightened by her Bridesmaids success and Oscar nomination, and she was given an unprecedented sendoff on the season's final episode to reflect her impact on… »6/08/12 5:07pm6/08/12 5:07pm