Adam Schefter's Facebook Post On Johnny Manziel Is Very Similar To WEWS' Original Report (UPDATE)

Yesterday, news broke that Johnny Manziel got into some trouble with police in Avon, Ohio after getting into a roadside argument with his girlfriend on Monday. Manziel, who went to rehab this summer, admitted to drinking that afternoon. It was the biggest NFL story of the day. We covered it, as did every other sports… »10/17/15 2:40pm10/17/15 2:40pm


Adam Schefter Explains Why He Posted Jason Pierre-Paul's Medical Records

In Richard Deitsch’s weekly media column at, ESPN’s Adam Schefter fields questions about why he decided to publish photos Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical charts, rather than simply report that the Giants DE had his right index finger amputated after a fireworks accident. His answer, roughly: if you can prove a… »7/13/15 10:30am7/13/15 10:30am

What's Up With This Adam Schefter Ballghazi Report? [Update]

In the middle of today's Outside The Lines, Adam Schefter broke in to report a new version of events in the Patriots' ball-deflation scandal: one league employee—his use of the word "official" is confusing here—at the AFC title game, who was later fired by the NFL, switched out a game ball with the intent to sell it… »2/18/15 5:36pm2/18/15 5:36pm

Adam Schefter: NFL Players Had Access To Rice Video Weeks After Incident

It seems like each day brings a new piece of information making it very, very hard to believe that the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens never saw video of Ray Rice knocking out Janay Palmer before TMZ made the tape public. Today's bit comes from Adam Schefter, who went on Mike and Mike and revealed that some NFL players… »9/22/14 1:37pm9/22/14 1:37pm

ESPN's Adam Schefter Is Doing Ads For 5-Hour Energy, Like A Schmuck

Have a listen to the radio spot up above, which was brought to our attention by a thread over on In it, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter shills for 5-Hour Energy, an energy drink marketed as a supplement that is more or less liquid crack for the bro set (and which is not without some baggage,… »1/03/14 4:40pm1/03/14 4:40pm

ESPN Reporter Will Watch The Super Bowl With You For About $3,000 [UPDATE]

Want to watch the Sunday's big game with ESPN reporter Adam Schefter? You can, courtesy of Tiki Barber. Remember Tiki's new venture, Thuzio? It's a company through which you can book famous sports people for your birthday party or lunch or whatever at a set price. For $2,000, Victor Green will come to your bar mitzvah »1/30/13 11:00am1/30/13 11:00am