Viva Brazuca: Taking the 2014 World Cup Game Ball For a Spin

Every four years, there's another World Cup. Every World Cup gets a new game ball. And since 1970, that ball has been made by Adidas. Enter Brazuca, the official game ball for World Cup 2014. It's different, which is great—especially for players who find themselves in need of a scapegoat. » 12/03/13 7:29pm 12/03/13 7:29pm

Louisville Claims It Didn't Profit From Sale Of Kevin Ware Tribute…

Yesterday, we told you about the Kevin Ware-inspired Adidas shirts that were for sale in the Louisville athletics team store, and we told you why you shouldn't buy one. The idea of Louisville and Adidas profiting from Kevin Ware's injury caused a bit of a stir on the internet, prompting the university to make a… » 4/04/13 3:15pm 4/04/13 3:15pm

College Basketball's New Zubaz-Inspired "Uniform Systems" Also Have…

It appears that Adidas is not quite finished ruining basketball uniforms across the nation: today the company unveiled its new "adizero uniform system," which six college teams—Cincinnati, Kansas, Baylor, UCLA, Louisville, and the Notre Dame Doublemints—will wear for conference play in March. » 2/28/13 10:45am 2/28/13 10:45am

Instead Of Nike Gear, Egypt Gave Its Olympic Athletes Chinese Knockoffs

One of the most basic roles of a nation's Olympic committee is to outfit its athletes: clothes, bags, training gear, all that good stuff. Someone at the Egyptian Olympic Committee appears to have outsourced that responsibility to the lowest bidder, because all 117 Egyptian Olympians were given counterfeit Nike gear.… » 7/25/12 3:25pm 7/25/12 3:25pm

Adidas Won't Re-Up Sponsorship Deal With Liverpool Because They're…

With a six-year, $18.5 million sponsorship deal coming to an end, everyone expected Liverpool to sign a new contract with Adidas, which has supplied the Reds since 1985. But Adidas was having none of it, claiming the numbers Liverpool asked for would be more in line with a club that has a few trophies with less than… » 1/19/12 11:10am 1/19/12 11:10am