Jason Babin Argues Against Gun Control By Citing Made-Up Hitler Quote

Eagles DE Jason Babin likes hunting. We know this, because he spent his offseason shooting at brown bears in Alaska, and last year a filed a police report against a moving company that made off with eight of his shotguns. So we know where he stands on the Second Amendment, but he took that a little further today, » 7/09/12 6:40pm 7/09/12 6:40pm

There's No Good Time To Call A Hockey Player "Hitler," But On Hitler's…

Versus announcer Brian Engblom, his mind perhaps on the NBCU re-branding, had an unfortunately slip of the tongue last night, calling Detroit's Jiri Hudler "Hitler." An innocent mistake: Hudler's Sudetenlander name doesn't quite roll off the tongue. » 4/21/11 2:45pm 4/21/11 2:45pm