This Gallery Of Adrian Beltre GIFs Will Make Your Day

GIF maestro Drew Sheppard went and did us all a huge favor by creating a gallery of Texas Rangers-era Adrian Beltre GIFs. The gallery is full of all the things that make Beltre so damn GIFable: From-the-knees homers, slick defensive plays, and plenty of Beltre's patented don't-touch-my-head freakouts. Go check it out… » 5/30/13 12:11pm 5/30/13 12:11pm

Felix Hernandez And Adrian Beltre Spent Last Night's Game Talking Trash

Hernandez and Beltre were teammates in Seattle for five years, and became fast friends. So from the moment Beltre ran to first after a seeing-eye single in the second, to when he was retired on a flyout in the sixth, the two did nothing but jaw at each other good-naturedly. See? It's just a game! Mariners won, 6-1.… » 5/22/12 1:50pm 5/22/12 1:50pm

Here's A Better Angle Of That TBS Cameraman Eating Shit Yesterday

My god, this is glorious. I think that someone should build a sculpture of this, call it "High School Everlasting," and put it in a modern art museum. But don't forget, Adrian Beltre: the nerd's always supposed to get the last laugh. » 10/05/11 11:05am 10/05/11 11:05am

A Homemade Infographic To Help Explain Who Is Still Chasing The…

Adrian Beltre, who the Boston Red Sox decided not to keep around this year, hit three home runs this afternoon, carrying the Texas Rangers into the American League Championship Series. That's two more homers than any Red Sox third baseman hit in any game this year. Just one of those subtle statistical indicators that… » 10/04/11 5:40pm 10/04/11 5:40pm