Man Convicted Of Killing Adrian Peterson's Son Sentenced To Life In Prison

A South Dakota judge sentenced Joseph Patterson to life in prison without the possibility of parole Thursday, the mandatory minimum sentence. Patterson was convicted of second-degree murder in September for the death of Adrian Peterson two-year-old son, Tyrese Ruffin. Peterson learned that Ruffin was his son a couple… »11/19/15 10:44pm11/19/15 10:44pm


Adrian Peterson's "Injury" Was Swallowing His Chewing Tobacco

Players get shuffled around NFL injury reports all the time. Whether or not someone will play is of major interest to fans and fantasy football players, so injury reports are scrutinized. Last night, Adrian Peterson got downgraded to questionable in the Vikings injury report due to a mysterious illness. His illness?… »10/25/15 2:45pm10/25/15 2:45pm

Adrian Peterson Will Never Believe He Did Anything Wrong

The latest issue of ESPN The Magazine features an in-depth look at the last year of Adrian Peterson’s life, during which the star running back missed almost the entire 2014 season and lost many of his sponsorships in the wake of an indictment on child abuse charges. There’s a lot going on the story, which you should… »8/19/15 3:06pm8/19/15 3:06pm

Adrian Peterson Gives In, Will Report To Vikings Practice

The monthslong staredown between Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings appears to be settled, if far from amicably: Peterson has announced that he will rejoin the team for OTAs later today, apparently without getting the new contract he wanted. Though Peterson is 30 years old and will be the highest-paid running… »6/02/15 9:24am6/02/15 9:24am

Adrian Peterson Goes On A Twitter Rant About His Contract

Adrian Peterson and his agent don’t want to be with the Minnesota Vikings anymore. Head coach Mike Zimmer said Wednesday that the running back “can play for us. Or he can not play.” While the two sides got nowhere, Peterson went ahead and aired grievances through Twitter. He sounds like he really wants a trade. »5/28/15 5:10pm5/28/15 5:10pm

Adrian Peterson: "It Would Be Nice" To Join The Cowboys

It’s the great unrequited trade of our time: Adrian Peterson to the Cowboys. We’ve known that both Peterson and Jerry Jones want it to happen, badly, even before Peterson’s child-abuse charges and lost season had him agitating to get out of Minnesota. He’s just making sure everyone still knows where he’d like to go. »4/29/15 9:13am4/29/15 9:13am

Man Charged With Killing Adrian Peterson's Son Allegedly Violates Bond

Remember Joseph Patterson? He's the man who was charged with murder over a year ago for allegedly beating to death Tyrese Ruffin, Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son. He somehow made it out on bond, and was subsequently accused of violating that in June when he went to the house of Ann Doohen—Ruffin's mother, who he was… »1/06/15 8:40pm1/06/15 8:40pm