Broner Bout Prime Opportunity For Marv Albert Commentary

What is there left to be said about Adrien Broner? We've shared plenty of our own words on "The Problem," and brought you a few of his too. But Broner's bout against John Molina Jr. on national NBC tonight brought veteran sportscaster Marv Albert to the mic, and the combination really made for a special moment. »3/07/15 9:41pm3/07/15 9:41pm


How A Boxer Could Use PEDs Right In The Middle Of A Fight

When someone mentions performance-enhancing drugs, what comes to mind? For me, it's an image of two 'roided out home run hitters embracing on a baseball field. But as Adrien Broner might have discovered on Saturday night, the world of PEDs—which we traditionally associate with anabolic steroids and human growth… »12/19/13 4:25pm12/19/13 4:25pm

Here's Boxer Adrien Broner “Pooping” Money, Flushing It Down The Toilet

Adrien Broner has a lot of money. A quick search reveals that he doesn't have an insane amount of money, as star athletes, go, but he likely has more than you and all your friends. He is, however, a young and flamboyant and attractive and great fighter, so barring tragedy or magic, Broner will ostensibly spend a lot… »7/16/13 10:50pm7/16/13 10:50pm

Paulie Malignaggi Vs. Adrien Broner: A Master Class In Macho Posturing

Imagine being a Brooklyn kid, born and raised in Brooklyn, representing Brooklyn, wearing "Brooklyn" clothes and yapping about Brooklyn! your whole life. And finally they build a big world-class stadium in Brooklyn, and you, the Brooklyn kid, get to headline a night of boxing there, and when you get off the train at… »6/24/13 3:45pm6/24/13 3:45pm

Adrien Broner TKOs Gavin Rees, Retains WBC Lightweight Belt, And This One Punch Tells The Fight's Story

Adrien Broner, the supposedly brash and careless but actually cheerful and confident lightweight champ, dispatched Gavin Rees last night in Atlantic City to improve his undefeated record to 26-0. It wasn't the cakewalk some were expecting, though it would eventually come to an end by TKO in the fifth round after the… »2/17/13 12:30pm2/17/13 12:30pm

"What Do You Want Me To Say?": A Day In The Publicity Machine With Adrien Broner, Boxing's Newest Star

Adrien "The Problem" Broner—23 years old, 135 pounds, undefeated, and one of the five or so best boxers in the world today—rolled into the lobby of 1221 Avenue of the Americas just before 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, along with two coaches, his friend, his large, superfluous security man, and a harried-looking PR woman… »2/15/13 12:00pm2/15/13 12:00pm

Meet Boxing's Next Big Thing: Adrien Broner, The Problem That Cannot Be Solved

Saturday night, Adrien "The Problem" Broner knocked out Antonio DeMarco in the eighth round, on HBO, after thoroughly beating his ass. If you don't watch much boxing, you may be unaware that Adrien Broner, at 23 years old, is boxing's Next Big Thing, not in the sense of The Next Big Overhyped Flavor of the Moment,… »11/19/12 11:15am11/19/12 11:15am