Harrowing Ad Running During Olympics Advises You To Pray For Death

This advertisement, spotted today on NBC Sports Network, seems worth bringing to your attention. Presumably paid for when the time slot was being filled by one of the network's strange gun shows, it features a concerned citizen pointing out that America will, sooner or later, be struck by natural disaster or a… » 2/20/14 12:32pm 2/20/14 12:32pm

"The Big Game" An Unnecessary Super Bowl Synonym, Thanks To The NFL

The Super Bowl doesn't need a nickname. It's the fucking Super Bowl. Alas, as an ever-litigious NFL cracks down on businesses that use those trademarked words in advertising without paying King Goodell an appropriate amount of gold, "The Big Game" has become a go-to for industries that aren't official league… » 1/31/14 9:45am 1/31/14 9:45am

Budweiser's Puppy-Filled Super Bowl Ad Will Melt Your Heart

Here is an emotionally manipulative Super Bowl ad featuring a puppy kissing a horse, which Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate Anheuser-Busch InBev has released in the hopes that sites like this one will cynically link to it, thus associating their Budweiser brand not only with cute puppies, but with a certain edgy, in your … » 1/29/14 12:03pm 1/29/14 12:03pm

Your Ad Here

Late last week, Facebook announced that it would be reworking the set of various formats it offers to advertisers, to "simplify" its ad offerings. Among the changes, Ad Age reported, will be the end of a product called "sponsored stories" (although a Facebook executive said the stories would survive "as an idea"). Wired » 6/11/13 1:01pm 6/11/13 1:01pm

Florida Trial Lawyer John Morgan Running Massive Pro-Tebow Ad Campaign

John Morgan, whose "For The People" slogan has made him Florida's most famed trial attorney, might not seem a likely Tim Tebow supporter. Morgan's a devoted supporter of liberal causes, and Tebow is not. That isn't stopping Morgan from launching a huge campaign to get the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign the… » 5/08/13 11:59am 5/08/13 11:59am

Here's A 1984 Commercial Starring Chris Berman Shilling A $50 Satin…

The year is 1984. ESPN has just become America's biggest cable TV channel, reaching nearly 30 million homes. It has not, however, yet shown a profit. Perhaps in an attempt to create a new revenue stream (the days of five-dollar subscriber fees being well into the future) the brains in Bristol started selling… » 3/08/13 10:30am 3/08/13 10:30am

Expensive Cable Sports Are Always Expensiver Than Ever

Today the New York Times's Brian Stelter crunches the (preposterous) numbers and finds runaway sports-programming costs weighing down the cable bill of everyone in America, whether or not they give Shit One about sports. The phrase "impending $7 billion deal with the Dodgers" should give you an idea. Other, more humble… » 1/26/13 4:00pm 1/26/13 4:00pm

Manchester United Decides It's Not Making Enough Money, Buys Back Kit…

Here is all you need to know about why ads on NBA jerseys are a matter of when, not if: Manchester United is currently making $16 million a year on the sponsorship rights to its practice uniforms, and are so sure it can make more that the club has bought out its contract. » 10/26/12 9:45am 10/26/12 9:45am

Anti-Romney Ad In Ohio State Student Newspaper: He's Been A Michigan…

Via Buzzfeed, the anti-Romney advertisment that greeted readers of this morning's Lantern, the Ohio State student newspaper, assuming there are any, and that they felt like reading the paper on a Saturday morning. This ad took up a full page opposite the cover of the sports section (layout visible here): » 10/06/12 1:35pm 10/06/12 1:35pm

Olympics Brand Police Not Happy About Athletes Humping With…

As we've seen again and again (and again), the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) protects Olympic sponsors with the ferocity of a mother bear protecting its cubs. That extends to condoms: when Australian BMXer Caroline Buchanan tweeted this picture of "a bucket of unauthorized… » 8/09/12 4:57pm 8/09/12 4:57pm

Your Complete Guide To London's Creepy Brand Protection Policies

With the Olympics underway, so many nice folks—tourists, ticket scalpers, chemically enhanced athletes—will grace London. But so will unpleasant people, like the so-called Olympic brand police. Hundreds of "trading standards officers" are now stalking the streets, looking for anyone who might be engaging in ambush… » 7/27/12 4:18pm 7/27/12 4:18pm

We Already Have Our First Olympic Brand Violator, And It Is Pepsi

With the Olympic sponsorship protection Gestapo cracking down even on the family of royalty, we're amazed that it took just an hour for an unapproved sponsor's logo to appear onscreen. (The Olympics started this morning, if you didn't know.) » 7/25/12 12:37pm 7/25/12 12:37pm

Counterpoint: Ads On Jerseys Are Bush-League Crap, And If You Think…

Oh, gee, the NBA wants to build on its incredible globe-spanning success and goodwill by putting ads on its uniforms, because...that's how they do it in the WNBA. And MLS. And various other unpopular and/or foreign sports leagues, and uh NASCAR, which, really? NASCAR was a long-form automobile commercial to begin with. » 7/20/12 4:31pm 7/20/12 4:31pm

Ready Or Not, Here Come Ads On NBA Jerseys

"Years in coming," advertisements will begin appearing on NBA jerseys as early as the fall of 2013. The NBA Board of Governors hasn't taken an official vote on the matter, but according to deputy commissioner Adam Silver, not a single owner is against it. » 7/20/12 10:10am 7/20/12 10:10am

Here's The Secret Jose Canseco Old Milwaukee Ads That Aired Last Night…

Old Milwaukee's made a name for itself in the advertising world by dropping oft-bizarre spots (often featuring actor Will Ferrell) and running them in one, usually small, television market. » 7/10/12 12:30pm 7/10/12 12:30pm

To UEFA, Wrong Underwear Far Worse Than Fan Racism

Know this: UEFA is very protective of its sponsors. (Here are the Euro 2012 sponsors, soulless corporations all, and you should avoid their products for the remainder of the tournament. Except possibly Ukrsotsbank PJSC.) Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker, is just as corporate and just as interested in getting your… » 6/18/12 3:25pm 6/18/12 3:25pm