Michael Phelps Wouldn't Have Competed In The 2012 Olympics If Not For…

OK, before we go any further, we have to address Michael Phelps's new look. Apparently, Phelps has been hanging out in a lot of coffee shops and going to a lot of Japandroids concerts since the summer Olympics. Or perhaps he's just a really big fan of that crazy guy who used to edit Gawker. » 1/21/13 1:40pm 1/21/13 1:40pm

Watch The Baltimore Police Department's Crazed, Militaristic Tribute To…

Oh dear. What can one even say about this video, created by the Baltimore police department in anticipation of this weekend's AFC championship game between the Ravens and the Patriots? It's got everything that a terrible hype video needs: "Seven Nation Army" playing the background, bad camera angles, old people… » 1/18/13 2:00pm 1/18/13 2:00pm

Your AFC Championship Game Open Thread

Tipster "Dr. Yunzer" kindly sent a link to a column by a Steelers fan who put some of his late father's ashes on the Heinz Field turf. One of those "sports are bigger than just sports" messages. [Post Gazette] » 1/23/11 6:30pm 1/23/11 6:30pm

This Sign Is The Unkindest Cut Of All

This Steelers fan not only knows his franchise history, but he understands how to deliver a crushing insult (sign on far left of photo). Devastating. [Flickr] » 1/19/09 12:45pm 1/19/09 12:45pm

The AFC Championship Game As Imagined By An Eight-Year-Old Boy

Yes, this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette graphic sums up Sunday's AFC Championship game matchup perfectly (WTF?). Time to worry: That Raven looks totally unaffected by the deadly eye beams. [Best Week Ever] » 1/16/09 1:30pm 1/16/09 1:30pm

You Missed Your Chance To Take Out The Pats

As talented as the Patriots are, we've had a couple instances this year that have reminded what's really annoying about New England: They really are the same team they've been for the past few years. On games when matters aren't going well — and they certainly weren't yesterday — they still find a way to ugly up the… » 1/21/08 10:30am 1/21/08 10:30am