This Is How Being The Biggest Dude In The World Helps You Score Goals

When Adebayo Akinfenwa last dropped-kicked our door down and announced his presence, he showed off his nose for goal with a tap-in against Liverpool in the F.A. Cup. It was a perfectly fine striker's goal, but it wasn't exactly what you'd hoped to see from a guy with a 97 strength rating in FIFA. This is more like it. »3/17/15 11:14am3/17/15 11:14am


Well, Isn't This Just The Cheekiest Backheel Goal?

There's a ton of history between AFC Wimbledon and Milton Keynes Dons. MK Dons began life as Wimbledon, before a controversial move brought a new name—and left Wimbledon without a team. A year before the move, fans started their own club, and AFC Wimbledon has achieved five promotions over the last nine seasons. But… »12/03/12 4:35pm12/03/12 4:35pm