Northern Kentucky University Athletic Director Dismissed For Affairs With Four Staffers, One Student

More athletic directors in the news! Northern Kentucky University dismissed Scott Eaton, once an athletic administrator at Brown and a member of the NKU department since 1998, for undisclosed reasons in early March. As we learned late yesterday, Eaton was guilty of "inappropriate, intimate relationships with four… »4/06/13 4:30pm4/06/13 4:30pm

Totally Anonymous Soccer Player Sues Twitter For Saying Ryan Giggs Had An Affair

Some married British soccer player had an affair with a model, and we guessed it was Ryan Giggs. But the media couldn't reveal his name because of a court order. So someone signed up for Twitter and started naming names, including that of Ryan Giggs. But we still don't know for certain that Ryan Giggs had an affair,… »5/20/11 4:40pm5/20/11 4:40pm