How Old Are These Sports People, According To This Rude App?

The internet distraction of the day is How-Old, an app that determines a person’s age through some secret calculations that aren’t quite clear. It’s fun for a laugh. The site can be surprisingly accurate or very wrong, and frankly, rude as hell. We plugged in a few faces from the sports world and see what How-Old spit… »4/30/15 3:42pm4/30/15 3:42pm


The Kurt Warner Effect, or why drafting young QBs may not matter

Age matters. When it comes to drafting offensive skill players, NFL teams tend to use their early draft picks on younger prospects, a pattern that holds up even after controlling for other important pre-draft measurables. Even if coaches and GMs aren't conscious of this trend, it's still there. »5/22/14 12:13pm5/22/14 12:13pm