Minor League Hockey Team Scores Three Goals In The First 36 Seconds

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night for Binghamton Senators goalie Andrew Hammond, whose Senators took on the Lehigh Valley Phantoms tonight in AHL action. » 12/17/14 11:35pm 12/17/14 11:35pm

AHL Changes Rules To Stop Goalies From Flipping Their Own Nets

On Sunday, Bridgeport Sound Tigers goalie David Leggio escaped a 2-on-0 breakaway by toppling his own net, happily opting to face (and stopping) a penalty shot. Terrified that the move would inspire other netminders, the AHL has enacted a rule change. » 11/06/14 5:42pm 11/06/14 5:42pm

Brilliant Goalie Knocks Over Own Net Rather Than Face A 2-On-0

Thirty-year-old David Leggio has never made the big show—but you don't spend that long in the minor leagues without learning a few tricks. In a game yesterday, the netminder for the AHL's Bridgeport Sound Tigers saw his team turn the puck over at center ice, so he immediately toppled his own net to stop play. » 11/03/14 3:33pm 11/03/14 3:33pm

Adirondack Flames Snuff Out Scorch, The Firefighter-Murdering Mascot

Choosing to go in a different direction than the wanton killing of first responders, the AHL's Adirondack Flames have decided to smother the short, eventful life of would-be mascot Scorch. » 10/14/14 2:28pm 10/14/14 2:28pm

Hockey Fight Ends In Player's Head Being Bashed Into The Ice

Your ugly ice hockey fight of the night comes from the AHL, where Trevor Gillies of the Adirondack Flames grabbed Rochester forward William Carrier's head and bashed it into the ice. » 10/11/14 12:10am 10/11/14 12:10am

AHL Mascot's Backstory Totally Includes A Dead Firefighter [Update]

Via Puck Daddy, this is Scorch. He's the newly revealed mascot of the AHL's Adirondack Flames. He was probably purchased a local Halloween superstore. But his shoddy construction and uninspiring photoshoot locations are probably the least problematic thing about him. » 10/09/14 3:45pm 10/09/14 3:45pm

Former AHL Coach Pleads No Contest To Sexting 13-Year-Old Girl

Former Portland Pirates assistant coach Michael Minard pleaded no contest to a charge of sexual misconduct Wednesday. Minard had started an online relationship with a 13-year-old girl he met through Twitter after a game last year. » 8/28/14 8:15pm 8/28/14 8:15pm

Hockey Fight Erupts In, And Around, The Benches

(Update: this is from last year, our bad.) Lost in the madness of March was this little gem from the AHL this week. A fight between the Rockford Ice Hogs and Chicago Wolves, in the final seconds of a 2-1 Hogs win, broke out basically in the Rockford bench and spread to surrounding area. » 3/22/14 11:10am 3/22/14 11:10am

Goalie Fight Breaks Out During Timeout

A good goalie fight should be like a good summer fling: short and passionate. These two AHL goalies brushed against each other at center ice and it was on. For one brief moment, they truly lived. » 1/25/14 7:39pm 1/25/14 7:39pm

Swearing, Scoring, And Fighting: Watch This Hockey Ref's Helmet Cam

AHL referee David Banfield wore a GoPro camera for the Rockford IceHogs/Charlotte Checkers game on Dec. 7, and although these perspectives are sometimes surprisingly boring, this one's entertaining. Long, but entertaining. We get to watch Banfield break up scrums, allow fights to happen, argue with players, and get… » 12/22/13 11:39am 12/22/13 11:39am

AHL Player Does A Barrel Roll

This is Canucks prospect Darren Archibald, playing for the AHL's Utica Comets, trucking Karl Stollery of the Lake Erie Monsters with the rare 360-degree hit. (Really more of a 180, but inertia handles the rest.) » 11/27/13 1:16pm 11/27/13 1:16pm

Malcolm Subban And Scott Stajcer Get Into An AHL Goalie Fight

The Providence Bruins and Hartford Wolf Pack was one extended brawl tonight—the game had 167 total penalty minutes handed out—and although five-foot-eleven Ben Youds facing off against six-foot-five Dylan McIlrath was an entertaining mismatch, the highlight of this particular chaos came when goalies Malcolm Subban… » 11/10/13 11:06pm 11/10/13 11:06pm

Goalie Makes Behind-The-Back Glove Save

Be sure to watch the entire clip to catch all the angles. Drew MacIntyre is a goalie for the Toronto Marlies, the AHL affiliate for the Toronto Maple Leafs. At the time MacIntyre made the save, the Marlies were tied 3-3 with the Rochester Americans in the second period of the opening game of their playoff series.… » 4/28/13 5:41pm 4/28/13 5:41pm

A Scary Minor League Hockey Injury Led To This Blood-Covered Skate

This skate belongs to Eric Wellwood of the Adirondack Phantoms, the Flyers' AHL affiliate, who hurt himself during a game yesterday afternoon. The blood is his own, and the injury—a severed tendon in his right leg, just above the ankle—was of his own doing. » 4/08/13 10:10am 4/08/13 10:10am

AHL Game Ends With Brawl On The Bench

The last time we checked in with the AHL's Rockford IceHogs, they were "celebrating" Hispanic Heritage Weekend by slapping a sombrero and a mustache on their mascot. Last night, they traded racism for goonery, starting a massive brawl at the end of a 2-1 victory over the Chicago Wolves. » 3/18/13 11:35am 3/18/13 11:35am

Islanders Waive Rick DiPietro To A Fate Worse Than Death: Living In…

Rick DiPietro (full legal name: Oft-Injured Goaltender Rick DiPietro) may have come to the end of the road on Long Island. The Islanders put him on waivers today after he made just three starts this season—all multi-goal losses—and an era has come to an end. » 2/22/13 2:05pm 2/22/13 2:05pm

AHL Player Suffers On-Ice Seizure After Hit

Wade MacLeod, a 26-year-old winger for the Springfield Falcons, suffered a seizure after the above hit, which was whistled as a boarding penalty on Adirondack Phantoms defenseman Brandon Manning. MacLeod began skating back to his bench when he went down in a heap, and began convulsing on the ice as both teams'… » 2/18/13 9:20am 2/18/13 9:20am

AHL Team Will Wear Racist Jerseys In Celebration Of Hispanic Heritage…

The AHL's Rockford IceHogs sure settled on a curious way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Weekend. On Friday, Nov. 16, the IceHogs will be showing their respect for Hispanic culture and fans by wearing the jerseys above, showing Hammy Hog, the team's mascot, adorned with a sombrero and thick mustache. ¡Que racista! » 11/09/12 3:10pm 11/09/12 3:10pm

The AHL’s Abbotsford Heat

The AHL's Abbotsford Heat scored two goals in three seconds last night against the Toronto Marlies, breaking the North American professional hockey record for fastest pair of goals scored. Puck Daddy says the NHL mark, set many times, is four seconds. Hockey! Also, that mascot. » 11/02/12 12:49pm 11/02/12 12:49pm