Jeff Garcia and Maurice Clarett Make America A Sadder Place

Until its inevitable death next month, the United Football League will serve as an outlet for almost-rans to continue playing despite not getting tapped into the NFL steel-cage match. That's a good thing. I guess. » 9/25/10 2:30pm 9/25/10 2:30pm

The Number 30 Is Worth A House

The sale of jersey numbers is a time-honored tradition in sports. A team will sign or trade for a star free-agent, and some other scrub on the roster is already wearing the number that said star has worn his entire career ... and the star will pay the scrub tens of thousands of dollars for his number, allowing the… » 5/20/07 3:15pm 5/20/07 3:15pm

Ahman Green, Pleader

For anyone who might have forgotten, Packers running back Ahman Green had some trouble with the law early this year; namely, he and his wife had a scuffle that started with a bunch of hollering and ended with some broken plaster and a visit from the 5-0. (Three days after the incident, Green filed for divorce, which… » 9/06/05 2:28pm 9/06/05 2:28pm