A.J. Burnett Wears A.J. Burnett T-Shirt Like A.J. Burnett

All fans who bother to show for Reds-Pirates tomorrow night will receive this handsome A.J. Burnett T-shirt. Need any more of an incentive? How about this promo featuring A.J. Burnett wearing the shirt, which the gang at Getting Blanked kindly gif'd for everyone. Yeah. That ought to get the good folks in Pittsburgh… »4/11/13 5:40pm4/11/13 5:40pm

A.J. Burnett Will Miss 2 To 3 Months Because He Broke His Face Trying To Bunt

Burnett fractured his orbital bone when this happened on Wednesday, and he had to have surgery this morning. Best-case scenario has him out of the rotation until early May, which means Erik Bedard will likely be the Bucs' Opening Day starter. It's only been a few weeks since the trade, but it's already like Burnett… »3/02/12 11:20am3/02/12 11:20am

Now A.J. Burnett Is Officially A Pirate: He Hurt Himself Bunting A Ball Off His Face

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle's affection for the bunt is such that he once had his cleanup hitter do it last season with the go-ahead run on first—and in a game in which that cleanup hitter already had two hits. Hurdle holds an annual bunting tournament in spring training, and yesterday, this is what happened to the… »3/01/12 10:45am3/01/12 10:45am

Do Not Fret, Yankees Fans: A.J. Burnett May Have Been A Victim Of Bad Home Run Luck This Year

Sam Miller of the Orange County Register tweeted this last night, and it's kind of amazing. (Ignore his mention of Jered Weaver.) Tonight's scaring-everyone-shitless Yankees starter A.J. Burnett's xFIP (expected Fielding-Independent Pitching) was 3.86 this year. xFIP is on a scale roughly equivalent to ERA, and AJ's… »10/04/11 4:55pm10/04/11 4:55pm