Deadspin HOF Nominee: "Lemme Know"

Most people don't remember it now, but our own AJ Daulerio actually covered Super Bowl XL in Detroit. He didn't do a bad job — we'll never forget when he lost his rental car — but it was early in Deadspin's history, and AJ was still feeling his way around. By the time he arrived in Miami for last year's Super Bowl, he… » 8/23/07 5:05pm 8/23/07 5:05pm

Deadspin Field Trip: The AJ Daulerio Going Away Roast

About a month ago, our own AJ Daulerio wrote, in his Cultural Oddsmaker column, that he dreamed of one day having a roast in his honor. Little did he know that the wheels were already in motion for that very thing. » 2/27/07 2:00pm 2/27/07 2:00pm